Welcome to SatoFinder

SatoFinder is a user-friendly tool designed to generate Bitcoin SV (BSV) mnemonics, keys, and addresses, facilitate coin recovery, and enable BSV transactions.

Getting Started

  1. Choose BIP Protocol: Select between BIP32 and BIP44 to determine the hierarchical deterministic path.
  2. Set Path Parameters: Depending on the chosen protocol, set the path parameters. For BIP32, adjust 'Path: m/0'/0'/X', and for BIP44, set 'Path: m/44'/0'/X'/0/X'.
  3. Generate New Mnemonic: Click 'Generate New Mnemonic' to create a new mnemonic phrase, which will also generate the associated private key, public key, and BSV address.

Key Features

Advanced Options

Tips and Donations

Leave a Tip: If you find SatoFinder helpful, you can leave a tip at the provided BSV address. Enter the tip amount in satoshis and click 'Tip' to send your support.

Safety and Security


SatoFinder is a free tool and is provided as is. The author is not responsible for any loss of funds or damages resulting from the use of this tool. Use at your own risk. We encourage checking the transaction hex before broadcasting so you can verify the transaction details.